Get Windows Movie Maker – Free Download for All Windows

Windows Movie Maker – FREE

1. Just click the ‘safe download’ button on your right to download Windows Movie Maker.  Windows Movie Maker is a Free video editing software developed my Microsoft.  It is an effective video editor that lets you quickly
create movies with video and pictures. 

2. Double click the download setup file: windows-movie-maker.exe.  Then click “Yes” to allow ‘windows live essentials’ to run.


3. Click the link ‘choose the programs you want to install’

4. If you only want to install movie maker leave the movie maker box checked and uncheck all other boxes for programs you don’t want to install.  Then click on the link ‘install’ at the bottom right corner.

5. Now wait for Windows Essentials to finish installing on your computer. 

6. You will find movie maker among your recently added programs when you click on the windows icon at the bottom left corner of your computer screen. Click on movie maker to open it and pin it to your taskbar for easy access. 

Enjoy the software!

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